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Discover a new path to

Holistic Wellness

its time to emerge

Life can feel so much more at ease with clarity in thought, values, motivations and intentions.

Holistic wellness is the space where personal vitality is sustainably preserved and not depleted by the daily stress of living out of alignment with your intuition.

I am here to help show you the energetic tools to build your life back into harmony with your intuition, beyond your current comfort zone and into your zone of genius.


A balanced life is clarity in thought, values, motivations and intentions.

I believe we are entering into an awakening of the divine feminine. Our intuitive body is feeling out of alignment with the established ways of the world and is seeking a new path that is more nourishing and sustainable for our children, our hearts, and our spaces.

When we are fully empowered we know when to surrender, serve others, step into leadership and take aligned action.

Using a protocol developed through human design (Karen Curry Parker), gene keys (Richard Rudd), homeopathy (Banerji Protocol) and body awareness (Deb Shapiro), I'm here to help you set goals so you can take aligned action for success; Individually, as a family, and in your conscious business.


Now is your time

Many women have been in service of others for much of our life. The unconditional giving of our self and our energy is how we learned to be seen and valued as good little girls. It has also depleted our vital pre-natal energy gifted to us by our mother at birth.

We are learning to live more sustainably as women and mothers, giving and replenishing, and raising the frequency of our collective together. We do this by trusting the visions that have been planted into our own hearts and taking small steps guided by the deep sense of trust in our Self.

I’m here to help you take that next step.

personal guidance process

how we design a life of alignment


Learn the mechanics of your Human Design then discover what holds you back at a subconscious level.


Set achievable goals with a holistic action plan. Embody your decision making power using your strategy and authority.


Create your harmonious environment for physical, emotional and mental well being that will support consistency in positive mindset and behavior.


Bring a healthy rhythm into the new lifestyle you've created by living with a deep sense of trust and helpful tools to honor your personal growth and purpose.

Women are born intuitive. Representing her story is your calling.

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased amount of insecurity about how to make the right decisions in our own life - for our self, our family and our businesses. But I am here to help guide you back to a deep sense of trust in your own personal power so you can achieve your life goals with a holistic action plan and sense of motivation & purpose.

120-Minute Virtual Session

The gift of technology allows us to eliminate physical space between us for an intimate human design reading.

Customized Reading

Your reading will be centered around your unique space in this world and I will use your birth chart as the primary guide.


Your Intuitive Baseline

on the agenda



We’ll begin by providing a safe, calm space for your values, motivations, and intentions to be shared.



Your human design chart is a map of your gifts and shadows. We will see what subconscious beliefs are overriding your energy.



We will revisit your values and motivations to open space and build readiness for positive change to come into your life.



What is the most important goal right now? We will create a gentle, holistic action plan for your next steps.


a mindset for success

I’ll introduce a daily routine for navigating and maintaining a positive mental attitude while you explore beyond your comfort zone.

discover human design

what is human design?

Human design is a holistic self knowledge system, built on the foundation of energy definition expressed as a bodygraph.

Developed by Ra Uru Hu, and modernized by Karen Curry Parker, Human Design translates the human bodygraph by merging the mystical systems of Astrology, I'Ching, Chakra and the Tree of Life with our physiological and conscious awareness.



discover Gene Keys

what are the gene keys?

Founded upon the latest discoveries in the science of epigenetics, the central premises of the Gene Keys are that every human being has the capacity for spontaneous evolution, and that every human being carries an innate higher purpose in life deep within our DNA.

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Free Today!

We are not meant to go it alone in this world. We are designed to operate in unison with our collective frequency. This free download is an easy reference guide for the different human design types, the strategy and authority, signature, and energy intentions of each, so the weight of the world is a little bit lighter on your shoulders.

FREE download today.

about me

Alison Rojas Metcalfe

5/1 Mental Projector, Mother & Conscious Business Founder

I am a 5/1 Mental Projector with the Channel of Curiosity (the energy to dream up the future) and the Channel of Acceptance (the energy to hold depth and details.)

I feel a deep connection to the process of human design and the gene keys as tools to better understand how our unique energy was designed to support our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

My approach is a gentle, compassionate approach to forgiving our past limiting beliefs to enter into a completely new perspective of trust in ourselves, and therefore a more harmonious and sustainable collective experience.

personal sessions

family sessions


What do I need to bring to my session?

After securing your virtual session in my calendar, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with ideas on how you can prepare to get the most out of our time together.

How long will it take to receive my custom chart?

You will receive your custom chart and recorded session immediately following your appointment.

Do you offer in-person appointments?

Yes! Many people are most at ease in the comfort of their own home. Please inquire for rates within the San Diego area.

Do I need prior human design knowledge?

I begin every session with a human design introduction so there is no need to come with prior knowledge or experience.

Can I ask questions during our session?

Questions are welcome! Sessions often bring up patterns or aha moments and these are important to reflect back to yourself as they come up.

What if I have questions after our appointment?

For all inquiries, I will be available via email or phone call. If you feel you need at least an hour more, you can book a 1-hour session any time!

Kind words from Clients

“Working with Alison over the past few years has been delightful! She embodies connection, depth and elegance so beautifully; because of these qualities there is an invitation to play out in your fullest expression by being around her energy and presence alone. “

Amparo, Manifestor, Conscious Business Owner

​"Thank you so much for all your time, it was incredible information and I was in awe for days after. My daughter and I will definitely do another session with you. "

Genevieve, Generator, Mother, Conscious Business Owner

Your virtual session will gift you with...

Reacquainting yourself with your intuitive authority.

A simple set of skills allowing you to commit to change successfully.

The motivation and clarity to prioritize your next steps.

Support as you stretch beyond your comfort zone into the zone of genius.

using curiosity and compassion to share desires in your heart.

clarity on your upper threshold and a readiness to expand.

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